Do you do piercings? Do you sell body jewelry?

No, we are strictly a tattoo shop. We do not sell body jewelry and we cannot switch any jewelry out for you, sorry!

Do you take walk-ins? 

Some of our artists take walk ins when they have time! Walk ins are first come, first served. If you need a specific date or time, it's a safer bet to make an appointment with the artist you like. 

How do I make an appointment?

Awesome, thanks for choosing us! All our artists handle their own bookings individually. So in order to make an appointment, you should contact your preferred artist directly. There's a link to all our artists portfolios as well as contact info for everyone on our Artists page. 

Our shop minimum is $80, pricing goes up from there depending on what you're wanting to get tattooed, how big, which artist, etc. Please contact the artist you'd like to work with directly for price estimates. 

What's your shop minimum? How much does it cost?

While cash is preferred, we do accept cards via the Square App.

Do you take cards?